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Perhaps no potters have done more for Southwest pottery than Maria and Julian Martinez from the San Ildefonso Pueblo. Even people with a vague interest in Southwestern pottery are aware of the black-matte or black on black pottery which was made famous by this duo.
Polished blackware itself has been produced by most if not all of the Rio Grande Pueblos. Most of this production was for utilitarian pieces such as grain storage and water vessels. The blackware made by Maria and Julian is thicker walled, and more finely polished - with an almost black-gray sheen - than the traditional black pottery of the Pueblos.
Most black pottery being produced today at San Ildefonso contain design elements of the avanyu or water serpent, feathers, traditional symbolism and other geometric patterns. Potters at San Ildefonso also create red pottery, polychromes, and incised pottery. Pottery shapes at San Ildefonso can range from plates, seed pots, ollas, wedding vases and figurines such as mudheads and animals.
Potters of note from San Ildefonso include Maria in conjunction with Julian, Santana and Popovi Da, Albert Vigil, Josephine Vigil, Tony Da, Barbara Gonzales, Pauline Martinez, Minnie Vigil and Dorothy Gutierrez. Please be aware that this list is not all inclusive of all the potters who deserve to be mentioned here.
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