Pendleton Blankets - 2015

April of each year Pendleton Woolen Mills release their new blanket patterns, this year is no different. Below you will see a few of  the new patterns of Pendleton blankets that we will be carrying .

Pendleton New West by Levi's Made and Crafted

This blanket is a collaboration between Levi and Pendleton Woolen Mills. The pattern reflects the tension between the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the modern cities located there.

Pendleton Levi Blanket Pendleton Levi Blanket

Pendleton Full Moon Lodge Blanket

The Pendleton Full Moon Lodge blanket highlights the relationship between Mother Nature, mankind and the creator of the universe whose medicine is love. Based on a painting by Starr Hardridge, the design acknowledges our place between the sun and the full moon. Starr is a Muscogee Creek artist.

Pendleton Full Moon Lodge Blanket Pendleton Full Moon Lodge Blanket

Pendleton American Treasures Blanket

The Pendleton American Treasures blanket celebrates the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the National Parks Service. The blanket's design celebrates the majestic and historic places as well as the individuals who have been protecting them for the past century. The American Treasures blanket's designs reflect the forests, rivers and mountains under the supervision of the dedicated men and women who are the keepers of our natural treasures. Classic geometric patterns remind us of the Native American people who were the first keepers of our land. Napped This blanket is a staff favorite!

2015 Pendleton Blankets - American Treasures Blanket Pendleton American Treasures Blanket

Pendleton Skywalkers Blanket

The Pendleton Skywalkers blanket was inspired by Art Deco design elements of some of New York City's iconic skyscrapers. The Chrysler building and the Empire State building are examples of this Art Deco architecture. The Pendleton Skywalker blanket is a salute to the skilled Native American steel workers who built some of the cities most beautiful and famous landmarks including George Washington Bridge and recently the new One World Trade center. Starting in the 1920s during young men from the Mohawk and other you're a Iroquois tribes raised and riveted steel at dizzying heights above the city. More than six generations of these native steelworkers have become renowned for their courage and agility in helping to raise the New York City skyline. Unnapped

Pendleton Skywalkers Blanket Pendleton Skywalkers Blanket

The Ribbon Dance is the first ritual that opens up the most sacred Seminole ceremony, the Green Corn Festival. The tribeswomen wear traditional patchwork skirts and tunics and swirl ribbons around the sacred fire to renew the flame for the coming year. This blanket captures the energy and vibrancy of the Ribbon Dance and serves as an homage to traditional patchwork design. This blanket is a collaboration between  and the American Indian College Fund and Pendleton Woolen Mills.

Pendleton AICF Ribbon Dance Blanket Pendleton AICF Ribbon Dance Blanket

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