Pendleton Verde Valley Blanket - Unnapped

Pendleton Verde Valley Blanket - Unnapped

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The Pendleton Verde Valley Blanket

The Northeastern Yavapai people call their home the Verde Valley Matk’amvaha. This nomadic tribe migrated to many areas hunting and gathering. In their creation story they tell of a great rain that lasted 40 days and nights and only ended when the water covered every bit of land in creation. Once the rain stopped and the water began to recede the Woodpecker freed the Lady of the Pearl from the log on which she had ridden out the storm. The Lady of the Pearl eventually met the Sun who fell in love with her. This union led to the birth of First Lady the mother of all Yavapai people.




Size: 64" X 80" (163 x 263 cm)

Material: 82% pure virgin wool/ 18% cotton

Texture: Unnapped

Binding: Felt Bound

Colors: Brown/Green

Mfg: Pendleton Woolen Mills

Origin: Made In USA

Care: Dry Clean Only

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